Energy efficiency

PAC have partnered with another organisation to provide expertises so we are able to help our existing client or any new clients to comply with the new Government schemes on carbon reduction and to help produce and develop innovative working practise which safe and sustainable. Companies should not just see this as another compliance hurdle to overcome but an opportunity to genuinely save money.

In doing his we are able help our client’s organisations demonstrate their compliance to both Carbon Reduction (CRC) and the Carbon Trust Standard (CTS) schemes, as there are now stiff penalties for non-compliance.

PAC can also offer our clients an innovative and systematic approach to energy efficiency as continuing reduction of energy consumption is part of the compliance to the (CTS). This can be done by easy low or no cost measures such as switching lights and equipment off, not using standby modes and having main building plant on timers to prevent use outside occupation hours.

There are other ways to make bigger impacts on energy saving by the introduction of new technologies such as Voltage reduction , harmonic balancing and daylight balancing lighting control systems to suggest but a few , all these measures involve expenditure but this expense can  be re-coped through the energy savings made. The Government has pledged to bring  the countries emissions down and to this aim have made funding for new energy saving technology available to organisations  , which they hope will help large organisation kick start their energy reduction programmes. PAC can advise how Government funds can be made available and manage the process of funds transfers along with arranging any installations.  

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Newton Group

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